Friday, June 10, 2011

Laughter Not Lupus

While Lupus is a large part of my life, it is not my WHOLE life, at least I work at it not taking over. Another Lupus blogger noted that she had read a bunch of Lupus blogs and that none of them talked about anything good in their life. I don't want to be that kind of blogger. My tagline is "I have Lupus and Sometimes Lupus has Me", that means that Lupus doesn't have me ALL the time. So while I still have more pictures of things that I hide about my Lupus, I'm going to make an effort to post about the rest of my life which is very blessed and also take time out to laugh!
So this has absolutely NOTHING to do with Lupus, aside from the fact that laughter releases endorphins which make you feel better. I know this has been posted around, but I really love this video. I can't get the darn song out of my head & she actually has a great voice!

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