Monday, September 26, 2011

No My Baby Doesn't Beat Me!

It's been a while since I posted. I'm all backed up with things to write about. This post was originally started sometime in July. Please forgive my dated babbling but I wrote it & saved it as a draft so I'm posting it - with some editing:

This year June was more busy than the holidays in November/December. I think this has to do with having children and a large extended family. My oldest daughter graduated (from preschool/junior kindergarten). She had a whole cap and gown ceremony (heck I've never worn a cap and gown-my small private school required girls to graduate in white dresses but it was worse for the boys who had to wear blue blazers with a school patch thingy on the pocket), she also had a big dance recital (her first), and about 3 different birthday parties or get togethers to celebrate the big 5. Thank goodness my wonderful husband took over the party planning this year & thus I was not in bed for a week after her party. When did kids birthday parties become such a huge (and seemingly competitive) thing? Topic for another time.

I finally decided that since one didn't exist, that I was going to start a Lupus support group in the Santa Clarita Valley using The Moms Club of Castaic does it and because I'm a bit slow, it took a little while for it to dawn on me that I could start a group myself. Then I mentally stressed about the idea of being responsible for something, because I don't know if I'm going to make it out of bed on a regular basis. Then June came along and I it was event, rest, event, rest, event, rest, rest some more, see the doctor, rest, Kung Fu Panda 2 in 3D themed birthday party for daughter at the movie theater (hey that's all that was playing at the right time). Then I got an email that someone else had beat me to it and started a Lupus, RA, Fibromyalgia and everything related support group in Santa Clarita. So I went to the first meeting of the group to end my crazy June and then I rested some more.

But back to my original (way back when topic), I have a new thing to hide, along the lines of my previous post about how people actually think that my husband beats me because of my ever present bruises, I found some new ones (bruises that is) and although I don't know WHEN I got them, I know EXACTLY what they are from which is a rare thing...see if you can guess before I tell you...

This is my shoulder - Thought to self (Duh! Queen of the Obvious oh wait Princess of the Obvious and Jeez my Buffalo Hump looks HUGE in this picture! Move On!)

No! I can't get any paler, I already have a Vitamin D deficiency because too much time in the sun will cause a flare and thus I am a shut in (sort of).
Kinda looks like planets in one of those solar system dioramas you had to make in elementary school
Extreme Close-up (Could be Ted Bundy's bite mark, oh wait they offed him a long time ago)

I just realized that this post's title probably will give this away but oh well! have you figured out what it's from?

Alright, well those lovely bruises are 1 little, 2 little, 3 little, 4 little baby finger print marks. The bruises are from my 9 month old baby daughters fingers where she held on to my shoulder when I was carrying her at some point in time in the last week or so (this being back in July). Yes, I have a little one, not sure how that happened, and it barely did, but again a topic for another post that I'm all backed up on writing.

My poor, wonderful, husband will likely be accused of causing this injury (in people's minds if they see it. No one has ever approached me yet about going to the women's shelter but I think it's only a matter of time). Really though - My baby loves me to bruises! I'm not sure where that falls on the baby love scale but since they were caused by her clinging to Mommy, I think it's probably pretty high. Something to feel good about today - Yea!